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Monthly Archives: January 2013


Taking Rightful Positions Could Radically Transform Our Situations In life

By Mwangi  Wanjumbi – Newtimes B.S. Chief Trainer/Consultant Whenever training on team leadership, I always remember to do something that seems to initially destabilize the delegates. That is  in attempts to achieve great lessons on the age old principle of teamwork. I make all the teams to go through the motions of a challenging, but interesting team exercise. Watching as senior organizational executives agonize through the paces, with the rest of the team, is quite an exciting assignment for all stakeholders. Everybody MUST participate in

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Strategies For Safely Guarding Against Change Resistance In 2013 and Beyond

By Mwangi Wanjumbi, Newtimes B. S. Chief Trainer/Consultant One of the most talked about organizational challenge is change resistance. No matter the preparation, it always persists. Why so? Quite a simple yet baffling observation and question that arose during a recent trainer of trainers’ program. But, based on experience, such questions are occasionally aimed at sincerely sensitizing understanding and debate.  Other times, they are simply meant to test the trainer’s wit. Thus, the motive this time was unclear especially due to the fact that it

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Mastering and Minding Our 4 Natural Intelligence’s Is Crucial To Fulfilled Living

By Mwangi Wanjumbi, Newtimes B. S. Chief Trainer/Consultant It is still in the early days of 2013. Not, surprisingly, many are yet to fully recover from the moods of Christmas and New Year festivities. No doubt, they were enjoyable and relaxing for the majority. Nonetheless, there are always two sides of any situation in life. Indeed, opportunities and threats must somehow go hand in hand. Thus, it is not surprising that many may have enjoyed at the expense of punishing their pockets in the New

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How Well Are You Prepared For The New Light Expected To Shine In 2013 and Beyond?

By Mwangi Wanjumbi, Newtimes B. S. Chief Trainer/Consultant A story is told of one woman whose homestead was situated on the side of a steep hill. This hill had during the better part of a lifetime completely blocked her enjoyment of sunlight.  Nevertheless, she believed that through the power of prayer, she could one day enjoy this sunlight, right in her homestead, like those others that were living elsewhere. Thus, the lady kept praying religiously, but to no avail. She invited pastors and other religious

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