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Monthly Archives: October 2013


Entrenching Entrepreneurship Through UWEZO Fund

It is a big welcome to Uwezo Fund, the latest addition to the efforts of entrepreneurship development that fundamentally yields continued employment and wealth creation. Definitely, Job and wealth creation capable of contributing to increased tax revenue may be necessary now, more than ever before. With a total of 290 members of parliament, 47 women representatives, 10 Members representing special interest groups, 67 County senators, 47 County Governors including deputies and countless county representatives, one can only fathom the financial burden we placed on ourselves,

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Reclaiming of Our Work Ethics Now Inevitable for Improved National Safety

No words or passage of time can wish away the Westgate Mall massacres including maiming of our innocent brothers and sisters as well as other members of the global community. Notably, the affected were innocently going about their usual lives, without the slightest expectation of any sort of aggression. But alas, those charged with offering the protection were equally caught off guard.  Let’s assume that nobody had any idea of what was likely to happen. All the same, we need to welcome the immediate re-action

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