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Monthly Archives: February 2016


Need to Adopt a Bottom Up Change Strategy

Towards the end of last year, the Kenyan State was enmeshed in many depressing scandals ranging from widespread corruption, sleaze, land grabbing to massive cheating in national examinations. That means consistent supply of scarcity mentality oriented citizens is ensured. Should this not be source of great worry for this country? We need to learn from the great early Egyptian Civilization amongst others. When they could not withstand continued moral decadence, they ended up collapsing. As a country, we must avoid heading the same direction, through

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Re-thinking the Place of Money In 2016 and Beyond

Chapter 7 of the book Career Dynamics in the 21st Century explains how money should be the last thing on our minds. All you need is to give value to the marketplace, a process  which is later followed by the desired money. Many people have questioned this assertion until internalizing the wisdom in the said chapter. Nothing illustrates this more than some recent experiences, worth sharing, especially if guided by the realization that the principles are the same whether big or small-time money. During a

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Why Work life Balance is Continually Elusive for the Majority

It had never been clear to me, why work life balance is such a big issue in many breakfast and dinner forums. In addition, it’s a popular topic of discussion in organizational motivational seminars. Nevertheless, upon interacting with the leadership and membership of numerous churches in the recent past, I can now reveal some lessons that I have continually learnt. But first, I was invited to either present one hour long talks or introduce Career Dynamics in the 21st Century in at least 12 mainstream

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Need to Revisit Our Personal Success Strategies in 2016

As we each reflect on and re-align our personal success strategies for the New Year, we may need to keep the November 2015 visit by the Pope in perspective. Thankfully, Pope Francis, the head of 1.2 billion Catholics honoured our country as his first stop on the African continent. During his three day sojourn, the Pope did not conceal his distaste for our negative culture of materialism that is not supported by positive work ethics. Without antagonizing any of us, including the government, the Pope

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