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Monthly Archives: December 2013


Exploiting Opportunities in 2014

My November 2013 issue brought out exciting benefits of what I referred to as a bottom up transformation strategy. This strategy may no doubt be interesting for businesses that need to quickly transit to new levels of performance in 2014 and beyond. More still, the businesses are likely to easily become compliant with the 21st century global organizational culture that seems to be puzzling to some. Why these assertions? Perhaps, you are aware like I am of incessant organizational concerns with regard to challenged employee

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Special Year End Message:Continually Building On The Gains From The Recent Past To Fast-Track Desirable Progress

By Mwangi Wanjumbi, Newtimes B. S. Chief Consultant/Trainer As we prepare to cross over to the New Year 2013, allow me to remind you that since 2006 September, our change inspiring Newtimes-E-Newsletter and the weekly blogs initiated in January 2012, have extensively brought out the challenges affecting our personal, leadership and organizational growth/progress. Alongside, suggestions on what can be done to improve on the prevailing situations have also been floated. Some recent topical issues have included organizational culture change; change resistance and management; coping with

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Being Strategic in Thought and Positioning Will Yield Desired Progress in 2014

During November/December 2013, I have conducted 3 seminars revolving around Strategic Thinking, Business Planning and Management of change. Though the ideals of the programs are largely in relation to the conduct of business, it is important to continually remember that any business is a person just like each one of us. The only difference is that we are natural, whereas business is an artificial person. This artificial person can never achieve anything on his/her own. The person must inevitably therefore rely on us for the

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