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Monthly Archives: May 2013


Holistic Unclogging of Our Systems Is Key To Achieving The Full Benefits of Transformation

By Mwangi Wanjumbi- Newtimes BS Chief Strategist, Trainer & Researcher Most Nairobi residents are certainly familiar with the former Thika Road that was the precursor to the present day Thika Super Highway. Those days, it was quite common to empathize with users of the then infamous road. Why? Nothing was more tormenting than traveling through Thika Road at whatever time of the day. In the New millennium, the road became even worse, as Nairobi continued expanding in all directions. Regrettably, this road continued resembling a

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Could This Possibly Be Hindering Organizations From Transforming Into New Levels of Productivity, Profitability and Growth?

Two of the hottest discussion topics by human resource professionals are about organizational culture and generational conflicts in the workplace. This is seemingly so because the same are the greatest challenges continuously affecting most organizations today. But, why is that persistently so in many situations? Fundamentally, human efforts are today guided by two conflicting global perspectives. On one hand is the 20th century industrial era paradigm that recognized human effort in terms of providers of labour, therefore workers. The alternative is the modern 21st century

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What It Takes To Successfully Wade Through The Volatile And Competitive Dynamics Associated With The 21st Century

By Mwangi Wanjumbi- Newtimes BS Chief Strategist, Trainer & Researcher A few years ago, Ambassador Muthaura, the then head of civil service made an order directing that wall partitions and doors in public offices be demolished. He insinuated that some occurrences between the walls may after all not have been desirable. Impliedly, he was introducing some semblance of open door policy. Obviously, not everybody was excited about expected loss of privacy in the workplace. It is therefore not clear the extent to which the order

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The Extent Of Success In life Is Determined by the Focus On Our Unique Attributes, but…

By Mwangi Wanjumbi- Newtimes BS Chief Strategist, Trainer & Researcher The entire Kenyan media is currently inundated by discussions on the remuneration of the members of the 11th parliament. That is just two months since elections that would be followed by conduct of honorable duties as expected. Instead, their behavior, outbursts and even threats to national institutions actually confirm that the majority were motivated by nothing else, other than the monetary rewards previously attached to the honorable positions. Now, they are completely in denial of

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