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Monthly Archives: May 2012


As You Fervently Pursue Your Personal Goals, Be Ware of the Implications of Challenged Value Systems

By Mwangi Wanjumbi – Newtimes B. S. CEO & Chief Consultant/Trainer One of my favorite authors says that there is nothing in life like just sitting and hoping that things will work in your favor. This means, that goals are achieved by those who continually and persistently pursue them. Nevertheless, I am this week offering my very heartfelt condolences to the two families who lost their loved ones through a tragic carjacking incident. The husband watched helplessly as the spouse succumbed to a vicious bullet,

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Steer Clear of Own Goal Situations and Pursue Sweet Success akin that of Manchester City FC

By Mwangi Wanjumbi – Newtimes B. S. CEO & Chief Consultant/Trainer After a whole 44 years of playing football without a break, Manchester City Football Club of UK has finally lifted the league cup. Forget that the 2 winning goals against Queen Park Rangers were scored within the last 90 seconds of extra time. The fact that the cup was won on a superior goal difference compared with those of Manchester United, the seemingly bitter rivals, is also neither here nor there. This reality that

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The Social Media Could Help Responsive Organizations to Fast-track into Greatness

By Mwangi Wanjumbi – Newtimes B. S. CEO & Chief Consultant/Trainer Organizations are better off venturing into the social media than avoiding the same. Further, those that survive the social media upheavals in the next 5 years or so have great chances of venturing into greatness. That must have been the most obvious conclusion for anybody who like me, attended a recent management forum, whereby, dynamics of the social media were discussed. On hand to deliberate on this increasingly important and dynamic communication medium was

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Perception Minders Could Invaluably Benefit from Re-inventing their Own Unique HR Strategy

By Mwangi Wanjumbi – Newtimes B. S. CEO & Chief Consultant/Trainer The continuing occurrences in the Public Relations Industry in Kenya have inadvertently vindicated some observations that I have made in different forums. When interacting with senior organizational staff, I have always reiterated that employees can be double edged competitors. Further, I have insisted that great care needs to be taken towards ensuring not only high level of staff retention, but also brand integration with respective organizations. Needless, to venture into the intricacies, these internal

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