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Monthly Archives: March 2013


Why and How We Need to Preserve Our Kenyan-ness That Could be Threatened by Devolution

By Mwangi Wanjumbi- Newtimes BS Chief Trainer, Strategist & Researcher Up-to now, I am still quite excited about an occurrence of last week, that depicts the seriousness and practicality of our solutions. In spite of the fluid situation that the country is experiencing, as we await the fate of the Presidential elections of 4th March 2013, there are those who are undeterred. A  mufti-ethnic management team that we first interacted with in 2010,  through a 3 day training program  had called once more. This time,

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Even as Kenyans First, We Will Be Global Citizens by Default -Tupende Tusipende

By Mwangi Wanjumbi- Newtimes BS Chief Trainer/Consultant Two or three days before the general elections of 4th March 2013, something unique appeared in the newspaper advertisement pages. One political party placed a booklet of about 8 full colour pages depicting the situation of the country in 2018. This translates to 5 years since assumption of power by the said party. That to me and many others was quite captivating. Wasn’t it? In strategy, it is referred to as future forward planning. It is about envisioning

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Could Statutory Management for ‘Turnaround’ of Concord Insurance Be The Beginning Of The End?

By Mwangi Wanjumbi- Newtimes BS Chief Trainer/Consultant. Even as the new national governance modalities take shape in Kenya, business activities continue albeit some restlessness. Others are seriously threatened. In that regard, did we read clearly or could it have been a language mix-up? The latter is the impression that came to mind after carefully interrogating the process of putting Concord Insurance Company under statutory management.  But, the whole matter is intriguing. Why?  The Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) considered the statutory management option and at the

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Are You Ready To Be Sky Bound In A Re-Branded Kenya?

By Mwangi Wanjumbi – Newtimes B.S.  Chief Trainer/Consultant Welcome to new Kenya. This is a state that is guided by a new constitution, which is still in its final stages of implementation; a state which has peacefully elected a brand new president whose modas operadi will be guided by the new constitution, right from day one; a state which will no longer be controlled from Nairobi, but largely from 47 centers of authority, constitutionally known as county governments. This is a state where national resources

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Participating In The Re-birth of the Kenyan Nation That Has Started In Earnest on 5th March 2013

By Mwangi Wanjumbi – Newtimes B.S.  Chief Trainer/Consultant Finally, March 4th 2013, the day famous for the first Kenyan Election under the new constitution has now come to pass. Despite being a public holiday, the day was starting earlier than usual for most of us. It was not that we had any other engagements, other than casting our votes. Given that voting stations were opening at 6.am; many Kenyans were up by 4.00 am aiming to exercise their constitutional right at the earliest possible. The

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