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We provide innovative, holistic and hands on training/consulting solutions that help business organizations/ corporate entities to achieve continually improved performance efficiency that yields sustainable competitive advantage in highly volatile and now globalized business environment. They include:-

  • Strategy and Strategic Planning Solutions
  • Incisive Employee Satisfaction Surveys (Periodical non-financial measure of organizational performance).
  • Change Management Training/Consulting Solutions
  • Business (SME) Growth/Market Navigation Strategy/Solutions (Business should not any more be overwhelmed by the forces of competition).
  • Holistic and Strategic Organizational Leadership/Management & Capacity Building Solutions

Motivational Seminars for Organizations, Learning Institutions & Churches especially on
– Personal and Leadership Development Strategies and
– Careers/Talent Alignment Strategies

Our client profile includes renowned brands such as CIC Insurance Group ltd, Tourism Finance Corporation (formally Kenya Tourism Development Corporation), Hand In Hand Eastern Africa, Pacific Insurance Brokers E.A. Ltd, Barclays Bank Kenya Ltd, Simbi Roses Ltd, Britam Insurance Group, Sasini Tea & Coffee, Corporate Insurance Company, Telkom Kenya Ltd and many more.

DOCUMENTED feedback from the various clients has CONSISTENTLY indicated that our training/consulting solutions have helped in DRAMATICALLY transforming employee attitudes, skills and eventually the organizational performance culture.

More still, it has through training impact analysis been found that our innovative and holistic Inside-out Organizational Re-branding Strategy, has immediately after implementation, led to improved efficiency by more than 20% which obviously yields 80% of the desired results. That has IRREVERSIBLY transformed the beneficiary organizations, to continued new levels of performance, growth and progress.

would you want your organization to unleash its full performance potential from now on-wards? There  should be no more dilemmas. Why? We will easily enable your organization to achieve the benefits already explained. Why not try our solutions?

If you are in Nairobi contact us for our 15 minute Free PowerPoint Demo which will enable you to critically assess your organizational situation and decide the desirable solution that will lead to achieving at least 20% performance efficiency that yields 80% of the desired results.

Can you afford to lose this free opportunity that could guide your organizational direction from now onward? This presentation is ideal for your decision making team (the chief organizational strategist included).

If outside Nairobi, let us Know. We can use the various modes of communication to enable you decide exactly what solution to embrace.

Alternatively, look through our training solutions and select anyone of them that you may find befitting.

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