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Monthly Archives: August 2014


Modern Strategic Moves Can Fast-Track or Re-invent Business Growth Cycles

If you ask any sales professional, he/she will indicate that price is the main challenge to meeting desired sales  levels. In fact, many of them recommend  price reduction as an attempt to  increase sales.  But, one American company conducted a survey sometime ago, aiming to verify the assertions of the sales team. Interestingly, 94 % of the buyers of the company products were influenced by other factors that were unrelated to the price. Nonetheless, one of the most popular business growth strategies is the low

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How Team Culture Determines The Source of CEO Candidates

Whether to recruit from outside or within will always depend on the existing organizational culture. It’s all about considering whether recruiting from within, will fast–track desired change and progress, or will reinforce cultures that are best transformed. These considerations definitely apply to not only organizational, but also national circumstances.  Some recent observations could perhaps shed much needed light, on this issue that presents constant dilemmas. Deliberations with an interesting chief executive officer, led to the need for culture change and more importantly, re-branding the organization

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Controlled Lending Rates – Not Business As Usual

Ask most people and you will learn that they are in the business of making money. Bankers know this only too well. But henceforth other motives of doing business may need to be explored. The government has effective July 2014, set a benchmark rate, against which loans must be pegged by the 43 banks in the country. This rate branded as Kenya Banks Reference Rate (KBRR) and set at 9.13 percent, will be the pricing basis for all commercial loans. The rate which is reviewable

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Organizational Behavior: What’s up?

One County Governor was overly incensed by lateness of his employees. He locked them out of their offices without any regard of their seniority. The Governor had arrived at 7.00 am only to thereafter find that the officers concerned had not opened for business by 8.00 am. Alongside, customer queues were getting longer and longer and beckoning attention. Apparently, the governor’s anger could be understandable. The only concern is; are  the officers involved able to compensate for the lost time when they finally make it

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