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Monthly Archives: December 2014


Need For Talent Alignment

While traversing the city’s central business district recently, I encountered an interesting training delegate of 2010. Our then interactions with Janet (name changed), a lawyer by profession, are still very memorable. We were methodically pacing through our three day business leadership and performance management training seminar, for the 20 or so executives of their city based professional business organization. On the 3rd day, I circulated a copy each of one of my published articles on personal development strategy. The same was supposed to sensitize discussions,

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Could This Be Your Opportunity of Raking Decent Millions with Minimal Hassles?

During October through December, I have had the pleasure of sharing company and business discussions with numerous Kenyan Americans, as well as original Americans themselves. The two categories of visitors have been around on a mission to introduce some interesting business opportunities that could translate to what many Kenyans could be looking for. But first, it seems that one of the greatest beneficiaries of our 2010 constitution is the Kenyan community living in the Diaspora. Indeed, many of them had left the country in pursuit

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