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Monthly Archives: November 2013


The Fascinating Bottom-up Transformation Strategy

As a staunch advocate of the bottom up transformation strategy, allow me to discuss some occurrences related to economic empowerment of ordinary Mwananchi that have in the recent years been quite fascinating. The first one happened in the middle of 2006. Our country was just creeping out of the woods, a situation that had been occasioned by economic mismanagement by the KANU regime. I was out of town carrying out a management systems audit for the branches of one of the then SME banks. That

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Culture of Innovation Backed by Entrenched Leadership Character Key to Winning Competition Battles in 2014

“If you visit our blog, you would think that our company is on fire. Everybody is on the neck of this or the other person. Who is delaying what assignment? Who in other words is slowing down the organizational wheel?” Those were the words of Kamal Budhabhatti, Founder and CEO of Craft Silicon, when he made a presentation on creativity and innovation in a 2012 management forum. Its no wonder then that Craft Silicon won the Best Company to Work for Award for 2013, based

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