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Monthly Archives: June 2013


Re-assurance of A United Kenya Timely and a Great Relief for Many

As county governance continues getting entrenched, it may be worthwhile recognizing a recent court judgment that invaluably affects the devolved leadership. The ruling has now ratified the appointment of county commissioners, despite the earlier disapproval that led to unprecedented court action, initiated by a private lawyer, as opposed to the Attorney General. Nonetheless, it was a great sense of relief for many Kenyans. They could have been wondering what may have happened to our bureaucrats, who had not perceived anything wrong, in fully handing over

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Why Choosing Leadership Without Titles May Forthwith Be the Best Strategy

In the recent past, two pertinent questions have come into play. The first one is; can a single person have or embrace all the documented qualities of a good leader? Secondly, what is the alternative to failing to embrace the leadership character? These questions arose in the last few weeks during some management/leadership programs that I was conducting both locally and outside. Though the concerns could easily be discarded, they may nonetheless be related to recent enthusiasm and demands on leadership skills as well as

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The Route Towards Greatness May Not Be Obvious to All Individuals and Organizations, Thus..

By Mwangi Wanjumbi- Newtimes BS Chief Strategist, Trainer & Researcher During the week of 2nd June I was temporarily based in Kinshasa the capital of DR Congo  conducting an international training assignment. But, upon arrival there, I unsuccessfully attempted to upload and dispatch this piece, which I had written during the 3 hours or so flight. I had been inspired to write upon reading something to the effect that success is an inborn matter, which may not be taught or coached. Whether that is true

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