We Should Now Focus Energies On Much Needed Transformation

The long electioneering period is finally over and we can now focus on re-building the recently destabilized economic activities. But first, we may need to appreciate that change is finally coming, especially to our school system. The new curriculum of the educational system rolls out in January 2018. The same is expected to align our educational system with the realities of the 21st Century. Hopefully, it will lead to the desired transformation, especially for the benefit of future generations. Nonetheless, just the same way Professor Wangari Maathai was able to transform the whole world through planting one tree at a time; it’s possible to inspire positive change in the society through transforming one mind at a time, even as the new curriculum continues taking shape.  That is what was envisaged in early 2015 when writing “Career Dynamics in the 21st Century,” now a Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development approved concept.

Whereas the concept was initially expected to benefit professionals and parents who would in turn mentor their junior colleagues and children respectively, things have since taken different dimensions. The concept is now popular in the entire school system, especially secondary schools and universities. Why? It helps readers to understand why more than 50% of our graduates are unemployable and also why more than 80% of the employed continue experiencing different forms of job dissatisfaction. This leads to situations whereby people can’t unleash their full performance potential. Consequently, they cannot earn the deserving rewards. These are great indicators of continued wastage of human capital efforts, as well as time and financial resources developing people, who end up becoming disempowered.  It also helps readers to comprehend how and why the challenges have happened and exactly what needs to be done. That is why the concept has besides the school system attracted the religious sector, through not only fully fledged seminars, but also introductory sessions on the concept.

In fact, the efficacy of Career Dynamics in the 21st Century is in the second edition confirmed by testimonials of at least 10 individuals, who have variously transformed their lives upon applying the principles advocated in the concept. One Nairobi county school has gone a step further than others. Since 2015, the school has every year (thrice now) invited the concept author to mentor form 2s, through a process of intellectual talent alignment,  just before  the students engage in the very crucial exercise of selecting or dropping subjects. Notably, all the current 960 students of the school have experienced the life-changing process of intellectual talent alignment.

Meanwhile, many other beneficiaries are continually full of praise for “Career Dynamics in the 21st Century,” and a few can be highlighted. Firstly, Muturi Junior was only 13 years and in class 7 at a Mukurwe-ini sub-county based primary school, when he first came across the life changing concept. Muturi Junior had visited his father during the August holidays, and had one morning accompanied him to the motor vehicle garage. As Junior kept himself busy, he bumped into this author and they engaged in a tete a tete.  After revealing his identity, Muturi Junior was attracted to a copy of Career Dynamics in the 21st Century, which was visibly in the backseat of the author’s car. But, before handing over the copy to Muturi Junior, some questions ensued.

Author: What are you planning to become when you finish schooling?
Muturi Junior: An engineer
Author: Do you know what it takes to pursue engineering?
Muturi Juinior: I only know that one has to excel in sciences
Author: Who has been influencing you on this matter?
But,  answering, the author handed over a copy of the concept to Muturi Junior and asked him whether he could read English. He opened two pages – one on early childhood career dilemmas and the other on the review of the concept that was published in the nation newspapers on 23rd May 2015.  Soon, Muturi Junior disappeared momentarily and come back a few minutes later, accompanied by his father. The father needed to know how much the concept costs, since Junior wanted it for himself and his elder brother in form 2, and sister in college.

Notably, Muturi Junior was the youngest customer ever handled, and it was only courteous to find out how he fared with the concept. Through Muturi senior, it turned out that eventually, Junior went home (Mukurweini) with the concept and after reading, presented the same to his class teacher. The concept was for about three weeks shared amongst teachers, before being used for some lessons in Muturi Junior’s class. According to Senior, the now almost tattered concept is safely kept at their Mukurwe-ini home for easy reference by all.

Secondly, Cecilia who is still in her 20s works a receptionist somewhere in town. Her earlier ambition was to become a teacher and was luckily admitted to pursue a diploma in teaching. But, just before sitting the final exams, she was ejected out of class, on the understanding that her admision grades had not met the expected standards. Frustrated but not hopeless, Cecilia settled for a job as a receptionist. Asked whether she would like to focus towards unleashing her full potential, Cecilia was in July 2017, full of excitement as she acquired a copy of Career Dynamics in the 21st Century. In January 2018, Cecilia expects to be back to school, this time pursuing a business-oriented course.

Thirdly, Johnston, an amiable man in his mid-40s is an avid reader. During his youth, he became a mechanical engineer from one of the local public universities. Many years after, he lost passion in engineering and is today an Insurance sales agent working with one of the leading Insurance companies.  He also doubles up as a motivational speaker, especially with regard to sharing his experiences. In July 2017, he could not resist acquiring a copy of Career Dynamics in the 21st Century, as he sought to understand himself better. A few months after, Johnston had this to say, “It’s as if you knew the dilemmas that I have been facing in life. Now, I know why and will be better, especially in helping others.”

Fourthly, Susan another receptionist aged 23 had interacted with one of our family members, who spoke to her fellow youngsters, during a youth empowerment seminar.  In August 2017, Susan easily acquired a copy of Career Dynamics in the 21st Century, aiming to become like the speaker from our family. And sure enough, Susan had by October 2017 revived her passion of making beads and related assortments, not just as a side hustle, but the eventual main occupation. “Greatness starts from humble beginnings as was the case with Professor Wangari Maathai,” revealed a re-empowered Susan.

Fifthly, in November 2017, Robert who is in his 40s met the author of Career Dynamics in the 21st Century, in the family club, as they engaged in keep fit activities. Robert was attracted to the author’s regular activities and needed to know what he does for a living. The empowerment interventions and the concept obviously became the center of the discussion. Conversely, Robert revealed that he had been jobless for about one year. Early in life, he acquired a degree in building economics in one of the local public universities, but never practiced what he studied. Instead, he has been into journalism, NGO world and many other engagements. Eventually, Robert sought to know whether Career Dynamics in the 21st Century, could help in re-aligning his focus for the rest of his years. Upon confirmation, Robert sought to take the concept home, even without paying for it, but promising to settle the bill the following day, through M-Pesa. Imagine trusting a jobless stranger! Before the end of the following day, Robert had read the concept halfway and was at ease remitting the funds, as promised. Two days therafter, Robert texted, “Thank you for the opportunity of not only reading, but also owning this awesome concept.”

Finally, when invited to conduct a seminar in a Methodist Church, the author was asked to introduce the topic of the afternoon to the congregation. Afterwards, a youngster named Koome who was by August 2015 still in form 2 thus aged about 15 or so, sought to know whether “Career Dynamics in the 21st Century” could help him sought out his career dilemmas. He also needed to know whether there is any proof to that effect. Upon being guided towards the chapter on testimonials, Koome quickly removed the only funds in his wallet and acquired the concept. In addition, he keenly followed the proceedings of the afternoon seminar. Recent feedback from the Church Pastor indicates that Koome has transformed into not only a mentor of his peers in church, but also in his school.

As the new curiculum is rolled out, we should all realize that its impact will be felt many years from now.  We should therefore take full advantage of the existing empowerment solutions, which are no doubt capable of filling the gaps, for those still in and outside the school system that may not benefit from the new curriculum. Career Dynamics in the 21st Century no doubt leads the pack with regard to desired empowerment. Besides, it forms the building blocks for all those wishing to embrace successful personal development initiatives, irrespective of the age or literacy levels.

By Mwangi Wanjumbi (MKIM)
Management Consultant, Professional Trainer, Strategy Advisor and
Author of Career Dynamics in the 21st Century

How Else Can You Benefit From Us?


  1. An absolutely FREE 15-minute insightful presentation (in Nairobi only) on

(i)The prevailing national and organizational challenges

(ii)The genesis of the challenges and

(Iii) Impact of the challenges

(iv) The respective solutions

The focus of this solution is to introduce (during organizational meetings) the life changing strategy guide titled “Career Dynamics in the 21st Century,” now approved for the school system by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development.

2) A Two Hour seminar titled “Unleashing the Human Performance Potential,” based on the principles advocated in “Career Dynamics in the 21st Century” This is conducted for all employees without any limitation of numbers (fees depends on location). The seminar is already enormously popular in mainstream Churches and learning institutions.

3) A full day seminar titled “Maximum Performance Strategy.” This involves application of the principals advocated in “Career Dynamics in the 21st Century,” through an experiential learning process. The seminar accommodates 20 participants per session ((fees depends on location).


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