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About Us

Since 2005


Doing business in the 21st Century involves exploiting opportunities and guarding against threats, all of which arise from impact of Globalization, Competitive forces, fast advancing technology and now the volatile social media dynamics.
• How is your organization placed towards exploiting the limitless opportunities
and at the same time guarding against the inevitable threats?
• How does your business ensure continued re-invention of sustainably profitable
and growth oriented performance cycles?

Newtimes Business Solutions is endowed with expertise and research prowess that enables us to continually empower business with world class and innovative training/consulting solutions that guide in exploiting the opportunities available in the 21st Century. Your business too will invaluably benefit from the solutions as will now be evident.

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Our Objectives


•  To provide holistic human resource development through performance and productivity management training and
consulting solutions
•  To identify and implement training needs meant to help people achieve their  performance potential
•  To promote application of professional management and tested universal  business development strategies as
a response to change management
• To Enhance organizational Capacity Building In the Region for continued economic growth and prosperity


Our Motto: 

Inspiring Positive Change

Our Mission

We contribute to enterprise and human capital development for sustainable economic growth in Kenya and the region through providing  innovative training/consulting solutions as well as information.

Our Vision

We will be the Enterprise development and training consultants of choice in the region.

OUR Philosophy

Continuing change leads to progress and overall improvement of the welfare of humanity.

Our Guiding Principle
Continually taking business to the next level of growth and progress

Our Strategy
We build long-term partnerships with our customers. We  help them in maximizing the potential of their business organizations. This is achieved through enabling them to implement a combination of enhanced capacity building processes and techniques. Further, we  continually develop easy to understand and implement solutions that blend well with the constantly changing theory and practice of organizational management.

Our Core Values

1. Customer focus: We work out business solutions based on customer needs. We follow up customers to
determine their level of satisfaction.

2. Continuous improvement: Based on the premise that no situation is ever perfect, we endeavor to continue
improving our services in recognition of changing customer needs as well as changing operational environment

3. Professionalism: We strive to serve our customers  guided by high standards of professionalism.

4. Integrity: We embrace the highest level of truthfulness not only to ourselves but also to our clients.

5. Simplicity: We strive to simplify training and application of continually changing management/leadership
and business strategy theories as well as concepts for the benefit of all, irrespective of literacy

6. Social responsibility: We contribute to the welfare of society through our widely  published writing
contributions, as well as electronic/audio media entrepreneurship and business skills


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