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Monthly Archives: September 2013


Business Rivalry Needs To Be Ethical

The ever peculiar Kenyans are never short of vitukos (surprises). A recent one is more than amusing. It has even revealed a relatively regressive term by Kenyan Standards. How else can one explain the conduct of two men who are said to be practicing polyandry? Upon realizing that amicably sharing one spouse could be more beneficial than harmful (based on their thinking), the gentle men called off their fights and therefore entrenched rivalry. Instead, they decided to bury the hatchet and move on peacefully as

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If Being Passion Driven Is Not In the Offing For You, then….

Upon reading some recent reports, I couldn’t help but empathize with some unfolding events. The county governments are about to start cracking down on excessive and underperforming employees. Further on, you find the image of a man clad in Samburu traditional regalia, receiving an award for his passion and achievements in wildlife conservation. The award is coming from none other than Prince William, the future King of England. Quite some contrast, isn’t it? Notably, presence of a large scale of underperforming employees can’t be ruled

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Why People/Employee Re-branding May Now Be an Inevitable Answer to Organizational Progress

When assigned to write an article on training for a professional body, I initially had no idea of what to bring out. In any case, training is well known to be a process that modifies people’s behavior and skills as well as knowledge. There seemed to have been shortage of more ideas on the same.  But, upon proceeding for lunch at a joint that serves traditional delicacies, I overheard a discussion between the waitress and some two gentlemen, who needed to eat fish. The trouble

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