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Monthly Archives: March 2014


Need for Work Ethics Moderation

“What could be happening to my people? Their answers do not reflect well for the organization,” This is a distress that often faces many team leaders. The setting is an exercise forming part of a 3 day leadership and organizational transformation program. Each of the 20 or so members of the senior management team has volunteered the motivating factors that guide in their work routines. Of great concern is that networking or socializing, dominates all other work motives for this senior team that is charged

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Business Should Exist Successifully Despite the Volatile Forces of Change

If you play any role towards driving the strategic direction of the business/organization that helps you put food on the table, as well as meeting your other needs, I have some very good news for you. As you may know by now, I am an avid reader, trainer, researcher and writer.  Indeed, I now realize that I have continuously and even subconsciously been putting the power to read (as was conferred), where it rightfully belongs – using the same to add value towards the improvement

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Can Business Be Effectively Safeguarded from the Ever Volatile Competitive Forces?

In 2005, I conducted an International research on SME or Entrepreneurship Growth in Nairobi. The same was based on a case study of the experiences of members of a business club belonging to one of the leading banks.  In May 2006, I was invited to  present the research findings, in an international entrepreneurship conference, whose theme was “Fostering SMEs and Entrepreneurship in Africa,” which I did. Finally, the research was published in the Business in Africa Journal of July 2007. Alongside, I worked on an

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