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Monthly Archives: July 2013


How and Why Employers Hold the Key to Reversing Challenged Trends on Degrees

The employment sector is now up in arms against challenged university education system, which is accused of churning out lightweight graduates, some of who are backed by questionable papers. It is indeed pathetic, especially for the national economy. Apparently, we may need to first question on how this situation arose before contemplating any solutions. Why? It is highly unlikely that a problem can be solved without fast appreciating the cause. Nonetheless, the scenario brings to mind a July 2007 visit by Tom Peters, a renowned

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Re-Visiting Performance Fundamentals Is Crucial for Avoidance Of Costly Strikes And Mediocrity

This week, there is reason to celebrate especially for those who educate their children in public schools. The government can also sigh with relief after being stretched to the limit by unrelenting teachers. Thankfully, the teachers are at last back to work, after downing their tools for close to one month. Obviously, they managed to get hefty perks from their employer, even though they were demanding more. About the same time, a World Bank report accorded teachers and nurses a not very pleasant scorecard on

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Why Engaging Auto Pilot Gear Could Be the Best Life Strategy Particularly For Graduating Students

It is yet another season of graduation ceremonies for both our public and private universities. Indeed, it is the height of academic excellence that is worth every celebration effort, by the affected graduates. That is after successively completing 8 years in primary school, 4 years in secondary school and 4 more years at the university. Obviously, some spend more years depending on the disciplines pursued. Nonetheless, as the graduates mark the climax of schooling, they need to realize that it is just the beginning of

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Communication and Management /Leadership Development Barriers are Best Kept at Bay, Thus….

In the last few weeks, I have interacted with numerous training participants from not only different nations, but also varying continents. Indeed, it was a great honour to interact with delegates bestowed with different cultures in line with their countries of origin. The same were as diverse as USA, Botswana, Madagascar, Cameroon, Spain, Nigeria, Southern Sudan, DR Congo and obviously Kenya. In all the different programs that I was involved in, I never missed taking the delegates through Intercultural communication, an area of study that

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Embracing Performance Management Culture Could Effectively Tackle the Forces of Change

As the forces of change continue putting pressure on business, it may be important to recognize that the person who feels the immediate heat is the manager. In any case, one key role of a manager is to provide solutions to organizational challenges. Sometimes, the challenges emanate from multiple sources thus making the situations even more difficult. At times, it becomes difficult to decide the order of sorting out the challenges. The eventual result is confusion and ultimately, poor performance. On the other hand, one

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