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Monthly Archives: November 2014


Employee Satisfaction Core to Successful Strategy Execution

Writing this piece has not been an exciting experience, as is usually the case. I must confess being disturbed by the experiences that have elicited the write-up. Sometime back Martha (name changed), a consistent reader requested me to write something about employee satisfaction survey. Instead of heeding to the writing request, I perceived  a business opportunity. Thus, feedback involved asking a few questions targeting the business relationship aspect. One of them was what exactly the reader wanted to achieve from that subject as opposed to

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Career Re-alignment Strategies That Could Change Game Plans

It’s not clear how long our marks oriented education will last in this country. But, given the persistent exam leakages and cheating, forgery of examination certificates, high levels of unemployment, it’s apparent that the education system needs a major overhaul. Indeed, it does not prepare people for life, but rather for passing exams. In the process, the majority end up becoming underachievers, even after scoring the high grades. Why does this happen? As I wrote in my published monthly strategy column last month, pressure of

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