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Monthly Archives: January 2016


Why It is Necessary To Revamp Organizational Culture through Employee Re-branding

By Mwangi Wanjumbi, Newtimes B. S. CEO & Chief Consultant/Trainer As I am writing, this piece, we have just come out of a very agonizing experience in our firm. One of our 2 landlines has just been restored after more than two weeks of being cut off from the rest of the business world. We were only accessible online and through mobile facilities, which regrettably do not appear in our section of the yellow pages directory. We suffered this not because we had any unpaid

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Are You Ready To Be Sky Bound In A Re-Branded Kenya?

By Mwangi Wanjumbi – Newtimes B.S.  Chief Trainer/Consultant Welcome to new Kenya. This is a state that is guided by a new constitution, which is still in its final stages of implementation; a state which has peacefully elected a brand new president whose modas operadi will be guided by the new constitution, right from day one; a state which will no longer be controlled from Nairobi, but largely from 47 centers of authority, constitutionally known as county governments. This is a state where national resources

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Re-aligning Our Work Ethics To Harness Innovation

Despite the weather fragilities which are related to the impact of global warming, the agricultural sector remains one of the key drivers of Kenya’s economy and contributes almost 23 percent of the gross domestic product. Based on government statistics of 2013, the sector fetches over Ksh11 billion from the export market. Opportunities in the sector have continued evolving sometimes dramatically over the years. But, we may need to take heed of a warning from the World Bank on the likelihood of global temperatures rising by

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Efficient Control Process Now Inevitable

Some years ago, I wrote an insightful article on marketers’ figure phobia. The latter is an extreme or irrational fear of, or aversion to figures. The piece also touched on the rivalry between Marketers and Accountants. The former claims credit for bringing in all money that flows into the business, whereas the latter prevents free spending of the same. Indeed, Marketers are known to fear figures even though their efforts are said to be the force behind business. Actually, no business can survive without selling,

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Talent Management Not a Fad

My recently published book “Career Dynamics in the 21st Century “is apparently creating continually increasing opportunities, of conducting career as well as personal development seminars, not only for groups of individuals, but also schools and organizations. Alongside, many individuals are openly revealing their personalized predicaments, especially with regard to career paths. Some 3 individuals present interesting scenarios worth discussing in this space. One of them is a university lecturer that will be referred to as Emily. In her late 40’s, Emily has worked hard to

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Need To Fix the Genesis of Performance Challenges

Last month, the Government presented the budget estimates of the current financial year. Notably, it is easy to determine the financial needs and wants. However, the headache is how the budget will be financed. Obviously, that will lead to raiding of our wallets as we spend our incomes. Yet, they will have been subjected to taxation from source, especially for those maintained in one form of payroll or the other. Alongside, many organizations tie their budgetary considerations to the same financial year, just as that

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