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Monthly Archives: August 2013


Lessons from the JKIA Towering Infernal as Opportunities in the 21st Century Keep Beckoning

Perhaps you are like me still coming to terms with some dark forces associated with our nation. Rarely does the month of August pass without one calamity or the other that is marked by trails of destruction or even loss of live(s). During this August, there has been loss of lives here and there especially through road carnage. Nevertheless, the destruction of the international arrivals terminal, at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport will be a memorable experience, for this nation for many years to come.

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Hopes for ‘Eradication’ Of Change Resistance as Continued Efforts of Management of Change Gain a New Foothold

During a recent management forum that focused on the concept of management of change, I gathered some information that seems worthwhile sharing. One couldn’t agree more with Mary Waceke, a globally active member of the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP). She eloquently demystified the concept of change to an attentive audience some of whom have seemingly been taking the concept for granted. Ideally, full exploitation of resources and opportunities available to us in the 21st century may never be complete until we are able

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