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Monthly Archives: September 2012


Why The Extent of Empowerment Determines Personal and Overall Organizational Performance

By Mwangi Wanjumbi – Newtimes B. S. CEO & Chief Consultant/Trainer The term empowerment means many things to different people. In recent years, we have been made aware of different initiatives that have taken shape aiming to bring empowerment to women, the girl child, the youth, the marginalized and many more. On the same token, another initiative took shape targeting the empowerment of men and the boy child, who are seemly not doing too well. Looks like an unhealthy competition for empowerment, doesn’t it? Seemingly,

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Aspirants Need To Leave Empowered Organizations, As End Of Crises Management In The Public Sector Looms

By Mwangi Wanjumbi – Newtimes B. S. CEO & Chief Consultant/Trainer Just this month of September, numerous senior public servants have left office to try their luck in the seemingly lucrative political arena. On the other hand, there are many private sector players whose eyes are also set on the same arena. However, based on past history, some aspirants may have ventured out there to endear themselves with voters, but focusing more on the future. Others are desirous and will leave nothing to chance to

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Measuring The Impact of Personal/Organizational Development Initiatives May Not Be Optional Anymore

By Mwangi Wanjumbi – Newtimes B. S. CEO & Chief Consultant/Trainer The habit of measuring performance through developing goals and objectives ensures smooth mobility in the ladder of success. Nevertheless, SMARTER goals and SMARTER objectives attract even higher chances of the desired success. This applies not just to individuals but also organizations and even the national situation. In fact, quality management concepts advocate that “you cannot manage it, if you cannot measure it.” In this realization, some media revelations this month were seemingly provocative. Why?

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Passive and Involuntary Strikes Greatly Inhibit Personal/Organizational Growth and Progress

By Mwangi Wanjumbi – Newtimes B. S. CEO & Chief Consultant/Trainer Any strike anywhere, rekindles the memories of the powerful Solidarity Movement that was an enigma to the Polish Government in the 1980s.  Rather than getting frustrated with the happenings in our own country, some of which were difficult to come to terms with, I found refuge in seeking out information from around the world. Newsweek Magazine, then my greatest source of global information brought out highly captivating news. Those about Poland were by no

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A Wake up Call As An Amazing Young Mind Delivers a Powerful Message from Zimbabwe to Nairobi

By Mwangi Wanjumbi – Newtimes B. S. CEO & Chief Consultant/Trainer Even as we pride ourselves of being one of the greatest importing nations in the East African Region; what can we ever dream of importing from Zimbabwe, a lowly placed Southern Africa Nation? Further, what leadership lessons can we even learn from modern day Zimbabwe? These were the two questions that kept lingering in my mind throughout the last week of August 2012. This was not because I was in any way destined for

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