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Monthly Archives: May 2016


Need to Adhere to Motives of Doing Business

In less than one year, some three banks have waded into troubled waters. This has raised concerns on whether there could there be some underlying problems affecting this lucrative sector of our national economy, which are unknown to ordinary Kenyans. Any management scholar can’t lose sight of the principles advocated by Henry Fayol, the well known father of modern management. Engineer Henry Fayol achieved great success at the turn of the 20th Century and particularly rose from a labourer to Chief Executive of his employing

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Why You May Not Become Just Anything You Would Want To

You can become anything you want to become in life as long as the environment is conducive. Whether you agree with this perspective is not the issue, but that is precisely what was propagated in a professional forum on Thursday 28th April 2016. “The problem is that people may not be working hard enough, especially when the environment is conducive,” said the presenter. Apparently, everybody seemed to be in agreement with the presenter’s sentiments except yours truly. He could not believe that anybody can just

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Quality Education Key To Transformation

Probably it has not occurred to most Kenyans that the expiry date for Vision 2030 is only 15 years away. As is well known, the vision is driven by three pillars which are social, economic and political transformation. The fact that there is heightened Infrastructural development in line with the aspirations of the vision 2030 can’t be disputed. Modern roads, railways, fiber optic cabling and technological advancements such as the laptop project for schools no doubt represent the focus on the expected gains with respect

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