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Monthly Archives: September 2014


To Get More We May Need To Avoid Enslavement to Money

While internalizing lessons from the tough, but very interesting subject of philosophy, a requirement of  international business studies; I came across one famous European philosopher. He is credited with influencing the view about Africans, but rather despicably. Lucien Levvy-Bruhil never impressed me initially.  This philosopher intimated that Africans are illogical thinkers; they believe in occult and magic.  Really? If we can for now put the occult and magic aside, how would we view the illogical thinking aspect? Personally, I am no longer at war with

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Transformed Organizational Thinking

Have you recently come across organizations involved in the process of re-branding? If not, this is a common practice not only with SMEs, but also corporate entities. Most often, the organizations spruce up their products, logos and their premises. They redesign as well as re-arrange the furniture and such other niceties. Occasionally, they acquire entirely new premises. Others will re-engineer the business processes too. And to complete the makeover, some organizations will acquire uniforms or badges for their staff. The final stage may involve acquiring

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Graciously Parting With Internal Turned External Brand Ambassadors

Are you due for retirement from your employment situation, any time within the next 5 years or so?  If so, follow this script very carefully. If not, remember that retirement will still come one day upende usipende  (whether you like it or not). Thus, your preparedness on this needs  to be of great concern. This is so because many people dread the commencement of this stage of their lives. Don’t they? That is why some end up requesting for extension of employment contracts based on

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