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Monthly Archives: May 2014


Improved Performance Possible Even Under Constrained Circumstances

Floating the idea of implementing performance contracting agitates teachers beyond reproach.  It is not clear why teachers and especially their union are so uncomfortable with measurement of their performance.  But, some experience gained a while ago could shed some light on this occasionally explosive matter, especially if treated as a case study. Close to 5 years ago, a friend had invited me to fire up the leadership and teaching staff of a rural based government aided day secondary school. They were meant to hold a

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Heightened Efforts Towards Improving Employee Engagement Now Needed

Recent research findings on employee engagement in Kenya may now be cause for concern, particularly to employers. It has been established that 67% of employees are actively seeking better opportunities elsewhere. Previous research, based on the global perspective had found that 40% or 2 out of every 5 employees were completely disengaged with the employing organizations. Disengaged employees can largely be perceived to be in transit, an unhealthy state of affairs for any employment situation. The scenario brings to mind some observations made a while

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