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Monthly Archives: November 2012


Half Measures Inadequate As Modern Global Organizational Culture Keeps Beckoning

By Mwangi Wanjumbi Newtimes B. S. Chief Consultant/Trainer Following last week’s piece on Global Business Leadership, it may be necessary to drive a few points home, using a localized real life example. It is also an opportune moment to bring out some lessons on how the forces of change as well as attitudes, continually inhibit personal and organizational progress. Thus, in the mid 90s, just as the economic liberalization was taking shape, there was a manufacturing company, which will conveniently be referred to as Mashindano

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Aligning with Global Business Leadership Cultures is Key to Rosy and Secure Continuity

By Mwangi Wanjumbi – Newtimes B. S. CEO & Chief Consultant/Trainer An interesting warning appeared in the careers pages of one daily print media of Friday, 15th November 2012. The same intimated that the world no longer has any place for administrative managers. Instead, a rapidly changing and modern corporate business environment may only accommodate “Global Business Leaders, who are able to cope with volatile market dynamics.”  These insinuations were attributed to the Unilever Africa boss, who was giving a Lecture attended by Kenyatta University

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Great Lessons On Co-existence Between Electioneering and Economic Progress From The American Experience.

By Mwangi Wanjumbi – Newtimes B. S. CEO & Chief Consultant/Trainer The world watched and listened attentively as Americans came to terms with their electioneering. In Kenya particularly, we were unlikely to ignore the process given that the eventual winner is 50% of Kenyan origin as one prominent writer theorizes. Indeed, it is not in dispute that President Obama’s father was Kenyan, therefore the assertions. Nonetheless, the occurrences in America, the foremost global leader present invaluable lessons not only for Kenya, but also the rest

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Continued Progress Demands That We All De-link Ourselves From The Now Known Agents Of Mediocrity

By Mwangi Wanjumbi – Newtimes B. S. CEO & Chief Consultant/Trainer Have you encountered people who jump from one tragedy to another, either consciously or otherwise? Actually, insights on change resistance that inhibits progress and development therefore leading to mediocrity, can never be exhaustive. However, some of the factors are more predominant compared to all others. In fact, they are the subject of numerous studies in marketing and other branches of learning. They control the development of new products, new markets and in particular personal,

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