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Aligning Strategic Direction of the Human Capital Should Start Early

It is clear to all that more than 50% of our graduates are either unemployed or unemployable. More appropriately, they are unemployable. Why? Graduates who are properly empowered are always able to either secure rewarding formal employment opportunities or easily create their own.  Naturally, the latter, contribute to continued growth of small business. Conversely, those properly empowered, but opt for formal employment may end up contributing to continued innovation in business. Sadly, the graduate unemployability aspect paints a grim picture with respect to desired innovation

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Match Infrastructural Development with People Empowerment

It is important to appreciate the fact that Kenya has embraced a policy of massive infrastructural development, in line with the aspirations of Vision 2030, now slightly less than one and a half decades away. These projects should propel the country towards achieving new levels of growth and economic progress, if the seemingly limitless opportunities are exhaustively exploited. The question that arises is whether the population is adequately empowered towards exploiting the respective opportunities. At present, it is commonly agreed knowledge that in excess of

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Focus on Known Strengths to Avoid Losses

Have you heard of news on suicide cases resulting from sour betting experiences, in the recent past? Needless to revisit the exact details, all the cases were associated with failed attempts of making quick money, from what was meant for other purposes. Unable to live with the impact of their losses, the victims found it opportune to cut short their youthful lives. A sad turn of events indeed. Personally, I was recently attracted to betting though for very different, but amazing reasons, which may eventually

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Networking is Inevitable for Business Growth

Thoughts about networking bring to mind an interesting perspective based exploits of an Australian octogenarian. In May 2012, Allan Stewart was recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest ever graduate, after having completed a masters degree in nursing at 97 years. He had earlier been recognized likewise, upon acquiring a law degree at 91 years. Early in life, the old man had acquired a degree in dentistry at 22 years, thus practicing as a doctor, for the better part of his years.

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Importance of Properly Aligning Talent

June is accustomed as the month the government. In the budget, the various activities on both the expenditure and income sides of the budget are described in details and form the basis of operations of the following financial year. Most often, no activities that are outside the budget are accommodated during the financial year. Conversely, the preceding few months before the budget constantly present challenges to economic activities. This is so because most of the previous budget allocations will have been depleted, thus putting emerging

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Need to Adhere to Motives of Doing Business

In less than one year, some three banks have waded into troubled waters. This has raised concerns on whether there could there be some underlying problems affecting this lucrative sector of our national economy, which are unknown to ordinary Kenyans. Any management scholar can’t lose sight of the principles advocated by Henry Fayol, the well known father of modern management. Engineer Henry Fayol achieved great success at the turn of the 20th Century and particularly rose from a labourer to Chief Executive of his employing

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