Talent Alignment; Foundation of Work Life Balance

Dennis Waitley, a renowned motivational speaker and author continuously advises his audiences to be constantly involved in creating the future.  That will definitely enable them to remain relevant throughout their lifetimes. Perhaps, it is on this basis that mentoring the youth through the school system, as well as the religious sector flows naturally, particularly for me.

In this regard, let us share interesting ongoing lessons from one renowned county girls’ secondary school. The school extended a speaking engagement after interacting with my writings. They wanted this concept of talent alignment not only demystified for them, but also applied to their incoming form 2 Class of about 320 students, specifically during the very crucial process of selecting subjects.

A one hour talent alignment seminar ensued, and was followed by a question and answer session. The seminar largely focuses on the need for and process of intellectual talent alignment. During the session, it emerged that some students already knew of their pre-determined careers, based on instructions from, or wishes of their parents.

Sadly, there was no initial consideration whatsoever of what such students were excelling in their studies. Even their personalized capacities had not been considered. Luckily, the situation was promptly corrected during the talent alignment session.  The pre-determined careers were obviously found to be misinformed.

Subsequently, there were notable improvements in performance of these aligned students, within the year. Upon observing the performance of the empowered class therefore, the school invited me once more exactly one year later. The engagement involved preparing the next incoming form 2 Class towards aligning their talents. Before commencement of the second talent alignment seminar however, a short discussion with the deputy principle revealed some interesting dimensions.

Deputy Principle: Thank you for honoring the appointment. In the next 2 years, we expect the outgoing form 2 class to completely transform the performance of our school.
Me:  is this as a result of the talent alignment seminar of last year?
Deputy Principal: Certainly. That is why we need from you specifically; the same content and standards for the incoming form 2 class of another 320 students, as was the case last year.

Consequently, can we think in terms of about 640 properly aligned future leaders? Indeed yes, but only if continually correct choices are made, during subsequent stages of aligning talent. Incidentally, one thought provoking question had stood out during the question and answer session that followed the discussions on talent alignment.

Student: What comes first between talent and career alignment?

Me: Once talent is aligned, the career choice and alignment will easily fall in place. So, let the career choice remain in the back of your mind, at this stage of your life. Afterwards, you will realize that there will be limitless career opportunities waiting to be appropriately exploited. So, why exactly did the school administration notice unusually improved performance?

Apparently, earlier discussions with school administrators had indicated that their main concern was achievement of high grades, in line with performance contracts. Any discussions and efforts towards alignment of talent and careers were therefore perceived as sideshows, especially in secondary schools.

Respective responsibilities were consequently left to the attention of parents and eventually, higher institutions of learning. These views have encouraged me to work harder towards proving that talent alignment is inevitable and needs to start early during the life of students.  What then had transpired in the performance of the first batch of 320 students, who benefited from the initial talent alignment seminar?

First, students were able to align themselves in line with the areas of study that they were each naturally inclined towards. Learning under such circumstances becomes easy and enjoyable for every student. There is no wastage of time and efforts in studies.

Second, students acquire intrinsic motivation that enables them to accommodate their tough areas of study. This leads to improved grades rather than students risking failure in subjects they may be uncomfortable in.

Third, students experience less stress during their studies. This leads to reduced emotional imbalances which also result to reduced indiscipline.Fourth, reduced emotional imbalances yield increased concentration in studies and therefore improved results.

Fifth, talent alignment leads to purposeful actions and direction too. Students who are endowed with strategic direction have no inclination towards destruction and mayhem that is commonly observed in schools. It does not matter the level of brilliance since all students are talented in one way or the other.

Sixth, distractions caused by studying subjects that are aligned to earlier misinformed careers are minimized or eliminated altogether. The careers are largely left to fall in place when students are aligned to their natural orientations.

Finally, all these benefits of talent alignment continue being felt throughout and eventually contribute to improved work life balance. This is especially so when people pursue their passions, thus enjoying their work on a continued basis.  Eventually, every person works SMART rather than hard. This is naturally the inclination towards which, efforts of all students should be directed.

The working SMART concept becomes a way of life even after school. The same leads to focused individuals who are holistically aligned to their natural abilities. The end result is continued innovation and creativity as individuals align themselves towards playing their expected roles in the economy. Moreover, the impact of this alignment is felt even at the national, if not global situation. Why so?

Great individuals form great teams which in turn create great organizations. The resultant synergy eventually creates a great nation and obviously great rewards for all. This should naturally be the focus, if we are likely to harness greatness, thus eventually conquering the highly visible societal challenges. Without doubts, talent alignment is all it will take to reap maximum benefits as individuals and businesses too. Better still; the same will lead to re-aligned national direction.


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