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Business Start-Up & Management/ Pre-retirement Training

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Business Start-Up & Management/ Pre-retirement Training

Mentoring Program

Reference: Business Start Up and Management/Pre-retirement Training

Theme: Consistently turning your passion into profit

So, what is the difference between entrepreneurship and organizational management? What of the difference between an entrepreneur and a business person? Further, will the ventures created today last into the future as would be expected? Naturally, these are questions that occupy many people’s minds as they contemplate whether or when to venture into inevitable self employment. Alongside, many opportunities of unleashing personal potential continue emerging. It is now time to take full advantage of the opportunities.


Newtimes Business Solutions conducts high impact Business Start-Up and Management Strategies mentoring program that takes  3 days. The program’s key uniqueness is that each delegate is guided towards conceptualizing a ready to execute business plan. Even more exciting is that the plan is aligned to each delegate’s passion. This safeguards the successful and profitable continuity of the resultant business.

Consider great sensations such as Microsoft and Apple. Imagine the transformation of Equity Bank. All of the three started off from humble ideas that have been passionately and enthusiastically executed over the years. What then does it take for a start up venture to continue growing without bounds? Welcome for invaluable knowledge and practical competencies that could be the key to unleashing your full potential.

Target Beneficiaries:

  • School and college graduates who wish to successifully set up their own profitable businesses
  • Employees intending to unleash their full potential through venturing into self employment
  • Those likely to retire in the near future
  • Existing entrepreneurs who wish to re-align their business focus
  • Professionals managing their own firms

 The Practical Lessons

  Module 1:   Personal Financial Planning & Wealth Management

  Module 2:   Overview of Entrepreneurship

  Module 3:   Business Dynamics

  Module 4:   Business Plan Development Process

  Module 5:   Market Management & Planning

  Module 6:   Financial Planning & Management

  Module 7:   Business Risks, Growth & Development Strategies

  Module 8:   Selling Skills and Business Plan Execution

  Note: Every Participant develops an executable Business Plan before certification

  Final outcome

  1.       Holistic practical skills needed to successfully manage a start up business
  2.       An Executable business plan/idea that is adaptable to your Personal Orientation
  3.       A certificate in Business Start up and Effective Management Strategies


  • Services, including American Funds mutua
  • The world's leading professional services
  • Ericsson Global Services focuse


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