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Management/Leadership Skills & Strategy For Newly Appointed Managers

Management/Leadership Skills & Strategy For Newly Appointed Managers

Theme: High Impact Performance and attitude skills necessary for newly appointed Managers

Duration : 2 days

Target group

Those new to supervisory/middle management positions including those who have received no formal training in Management Skills. Professional Staff also fall in this category

About the program

Notably, technical skills and expertise account for only 15 % of our successes in life. According to Dale Carnegie that leaves 85% of our successes to depend on soft skills. In that light, this program is for people who are new to supervising, or who have not received formal management skills training. It covers all the important areas a Supervisor or first line Manager will face in the workplace. Clear guidelines are given on each topic, together with comprehensive notes for easy reference. Practical exercises and case studies are used to teach the skills and techniques a successful Supervisor and first line Manager need to use every day in their working environment. This course forms part of our organizational culture change or re-branding solution. For maximum benefits we employ an experiential and motivational training approach. We also administer our innovative attitude/culture change and management tool for instant transformation of the participants’ mindsets about themselves, life, work, employer etc



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