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Customer Relationship & Acquisition Strategy ( 2 days)

Customer Relationship & Acquisition Strategy ( 2 days)

In the highly competitive business environment of the 21st Century, high order Customer Acquisition and Retention Strategy competences are inevitable for technical and sales teams that continually interact with both new and existing customers. Further, the brand engagement cannot be taken for granted, if best results are to be achieved from the requisite personnel. In that regard, Newtimes Business Solutions conducts the unique

2 day course titled Customer Relationship & Acquisition Strategy which invaluably empowers entire sales and technical teams such as engineers especially those engaged in customer acquisition and retention process.

More particularly, they get endowed with balanced skills of not only acquiring new customers but also retaining, thus ensuring healthy business continuity.Some of the areas of study include:-

  • Effective Customer communication systems and strategy
  • Acquiring and retaining new customers in a highly competitive


  • Excellent sales presentation skills
  • Measuring performance in customer Relationship Strategy
  • Team working in customer Relationship Management
  • Brand engagement and continued improvement
  • Continually remaining energized in sometimes stressful situations.
  • Dealing with demanding customers
  • Maximizing on benefits of feedback mechanism etc


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