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Strategic Thinking and Planning (STRATEGY WORKSHOP)

Strategic Thinking and Planning (STRATEGY WORKSHOP)

[The skills of making sure that your staff and products are placed for maximum performance]

Duration : 2 days

Target group

Experienced or up-and-coming leaders within an organization, at any level of management, who are required to contribute to the growth and success of their organization through enhancing its competitive advantage

About the program

Strategic thinking and planning is now an essential part of a leader’s daily work. In order to maintain their organization’s competitive edge leaders at all levels of an organization need to evaluate and prioritize work according to strategic goals. A successful strategic process engages everyone in the ongoing strategy of an organization, rather than leaving it to individual responsibilities. This program includes a series of highly participative activities which will help guide the participants in enhancing the long-term success of their organization. By the end of this program, participants will have acquired the thought processes, framework and analysis tools needed to engage others in the strategic thinking and planning process. They will be prepared to lead the broader strategic conversations required to outperform their competitors and reshape their organization for a successful long-term future.


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