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Staff Motivation and Capacity Building For Potential Management Staff

Staff Motivation and Capacity Building For Potential Management Staff

Theme: High impact performance and attitude skills for non-management & non-professional staff

Duration : 2 days

Target group

Suitable for non-management organizational members

About the program

Staff Motivation and Capacity Building Training for Potential Management Staff

This course is about Unleashing Staff performance potential through focusing on personal empowerment

The 21st Century Workplace is highly dynamic. This is as a result of the ever continuing transformation experienced by both the employer and the employee. Pursuance of the goals of the two needs to be harmonized so that situations of competition or conflict can be avoided. Every employee on the other hand needs to see and actually be seen as part of the cog that turns the whole wheel. The employee also needs to fit into the overall corporate brand. This enhances the chances of recognition as an invaluable resource that is entrusted with controlling all the others, for proper function of the organization. For this to happen effectively, employees need to be prepared on how to brand (undergo personal development process) themselves. That way, they will not only add value to themselves but also to the overall corporate brand irrespective of their level of seniority. Indeed, every organizational member needs to be continually motivated for successful achievement of both personal and organizational goals

The course forms part of our organizational re-branding process.

For maximum Training benefits, we employ both an experiential and motivational approach. We also administer our innovative attitude/culture change and management tool for instant transformation of the participants’ mindsets about themselves, life, work, employer etc


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