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Understanding Business Numbers

Understanding Business Numbers

[Everything you need to know about the day today business numbers]

Duration : 2 days

Target group

It is suitable especially for  all organizational staff especially those from non-financial background.

This is a popular course which is sometimes conducted as an open course. It enables staff to appreciate some accounting concepts and techniques that relate to their every day activities, therefore acquiring some element of multi-skilling.

About the program

This program is specially designed for non-financial oriented persons. It is recognized that they will benefit from a greater understanding of how the financial side of the business operates as they further their own careers. On the other hand Successful Managers, Marketing and Salespeople can be even more effective if they have a clear understanding of the financial and commercial considerations that impact on the business. This course is designed to fill this particular knowledge gap. The course takes a practical and pragmatic view of money matters and translates the jargon, conventions, and formats of accounting into simple, easy to understand language. This makes the delegates feel comfortable with the financial and accounting terms and get a clear understanding of what they mean. Case study and practical exercises as appropriate form an important part of this program and are reinforced by lively discussions.


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