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Effective Communication & Management Skills in a Multicultural Work environment

Effective Communication & Management Skills in a Multicultural Work environment

Theme: ‘Learning The Skills And Techniques Of How To Be A Much Better ‘People Person’ in multicultural workplace situations]

Duration : 2 days

Target group

– Organizational Team Leaders
– HODs
– Middle Level Managers
– First Line Managers(supervisors)
– Professional Staff

About the program

Research has shown that Managers spend on average over 75% of their time in one-to-one verbal communication i.e. face-to-face, or on the telephone. Therefore effective interpersonal and organizational communication skills are essential tools for today’s modern manager. Most dissatisfied employees will blame poor motivation and poor communication as two of the major areas, which affect them in a very negative way in the workplace. Further, in multi-cultural work environments, which are culturally sensitive, this area of training is essential for successful management. Ideally, many organizations are realizing that ‘people are their greatest asset’. Effective communication and Management by people from different cultures and backgrounds is vital for success in today’s competitive global business environment.

Training Methodology

For maximum benefits, we employ an experiential and motivational approach. We also administer our innovative work ethics moderation tool which helps yield instant transformation. It has been subject of discussion in 3 articles published in 3 different business publications.

Course Benefits

By the end of the training the participants will have

  • Understood the role of effective interpersonal communication skills in the workplace
  • Realized how our cultural backgrounds impact on interpersonal and organizational communication
  • Been able to identify the barriers to communication and how to eliminate them
  • Acquired clear and practical guidelines for effective communication process
  • Become aware of the impact of organizations structures on effective communication
  • Learnt the fundamentals of organizational behavior and their impact on communication
  • Understood how to minimize interpersonal and organizational conflicts through effective communication and team work
  • Appreciated the different types of communication as well as effective feedback mechanism
  • Been able to demonstrate how culture impacts on diverse Management/leadership models in multicultural/multi-ethnic organizations
  • Understood different organizational behaviour styles and learnt how they can be  moderated for achievement of best results


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