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Effective Business Leadership Development Training Solutions

Effective Business Leadership Development Training Solutions

[”Keeping and Maintaining A Competitive Edge in A Rapidly Changing Global Economy’ ‘]

Duration : 2 days

Target group

Chief Executives Officers

Corporate Senior Managers working in all disciplines.

About the program

.Over time the world of the corporate senior manager has grown increasingly complex. Competitive strategy has now become increasingly global in context. Further, culturally sensitive and motivational management of people has become a vital component of day-to-day business activity. Above all, senior managers are now expected to be leaders, team builders, coaches and an inspiration to their staff, in addition to being decision makers and risk takers.

The business environment has on the other hand become increasingly judgmental of the senior management. They are held to account for company growth, identification of strategic risk, weakness and opportunity, creativity and innovation, and the strength of communication, both internally, and with the company’s customer base. Indeed, customers, customer satisfaction, and intelligent analysis of customer trends, have now become one of the central operational concerns of all modern businesses. Truly, the task of modern senior management is complex, challenging and multi-faceted. Indeed, some thinkers are even beginning to argue that the era of “the manager as super hero” has arrived.

What resources should the manager turn to in his / her quest to build, maintain, and develop this ‘super hero’ status? This is the subject of this two-day program, focused specifically on the senior corporate manager. Each module will allow a significant time for analysis, self-assessment and debate of the issues, both in group and individual activities.


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