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Excellent Customer Service Skills & Strategy

Excellent Customer Service Skills & Strategy

Theme: The skills of making sure that organizational staff and products are placed for maximum performance

Duration : 2 days

Target group

All staff who interact with customers thus needing to ensure that the service level offered to customers is a positive differentiator for the company that aiming to protect the bottom line.

About the program

In fiercely competitive markets such as in Kenya, where products and services are similar, ‘putting the customer first’ is a realistic strategy for building a successful business. Satisfied customers return and send others; dissatisfied customers do not! Surveys have found that it costs eight times as much to acquire a new customer as it does to keep an existing one. So it seems obvious that it should be the intention of most business people to provide outstanding service. But this is not easy to apply in practice. We are ALL customers, and most of us can tell horror stories about very poor customer service here in our own country. Rudeness, bad service and common neglect are too often encountered. This means that positive customer care does not occur naturally. In fact, it is extremely difficult to achieve. How can a manager ensure that good customer care service will prevail throughout his / her organization? What are the simple practical steps that lead to quality products and excellent service? This program is very interactive and allows participants to address issues in a practical way that clarifies the relationship between customer care and overall business strategy. Examples show how a customer care program is central to corporate planning. The course method involves tutor-led discussion, with a series of individual and syndicate exercises and case studies. Participants will be encouraged to build a personal action plan that can be applied to their own company’s business.


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